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Web & Database Management

The management of your medical practice needs specialised, easy to use software. We provide software that facilities your need to handle patient information, billing, insurance claims, recall of patients, appointments, prescriptions, doctor’s diary, and document management; all those functions are integrated so that the practice can be managed efficiently and payment received promptly.

Patient Management

Patient2Care is an online patient management system which allows doctors and secretaries to capture, create, store, access & share patient medical records within the practice. It acts as a central repository for storing patient information. Good patient record management could make significant contribution to improving the day to day functions in a practice.

The key features are that doctors & secretaries take less than a week to use the product effectively.

Customization is something we always aim for, we facilitate ease of customizaton to suit your practice's templates.

From patient registration to discharge summary you will experience seamless integration of work. Intuitive work flow is the best feature that makes the system very easy to use.

Booking appointments, integrated scheduling, billing, flexible reporting, printing options makes your daily job of managing your practice effecient.

Flexible accounting module caters to all needs you encounter in your practice. Web and remote access to data when you need is really an ideal solution for decision making.

We enable patient management process automated using next generation technology solutions and make it affordable & user friendly.

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