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We provide...

  • Server configuration, PC installation and security services, Once you have the tools, an effective support service enables you to concentrate on doing your job, having the peace of mind that we have got it covered.

    We offer a comprehensive, tailored support contract which means you get the help whenever needed.

    Computer maintenance and repair to help keep your business work without interruption.

    Backup services and disaster recovery when the unthinkable happens

    Secure networks and anti-virus software to help keep your confidential information secure.

    Hassle free & safe computing

    Let our friendly and experienced service engineers help you with any technical difficulties that you may incur. We offer quality service on time, remotely or on site for excellent prices. We can help you save considerably on your annual system maintenance expenses.

    With Grace System services at your side, you can make buying, installing and maintaining your computers and networks hassle free and enjoy safe computing.

    Quotation for your enquiries is free of charge and will be promptly sent; we charge fixed fee with no hidden cost for the various services we provide. We will schedule your repair and maintenance without disrupting normal office work or if there could be any disruption; it will be notified before we take up the job.

Computer Services

  • 1

    Laptop & Desktop Repairs
    We change invertors/screens/hard disk/motherboard/memory/Hardware repair, change parts if faulty etc

  • 2

    CCTV Camera
    Hardware repair, change parts if faulty

  • 3

    Networking & Cisco products
    Windows server installation for businesses, connect PC to a network, setup cisco routers and switch configuration.

  • 4

    Virus & Spyware removal
    We provide anti-virus software to secure networks and computer to help keep your confidential information secure.

  • 5

    Data Recovery & Backup
    Backup services and disaster recovery when the unthinkable happens.

  • 6

    Cloud Services
    Connect computers through the internet.