Storage solutions without the high cost and space.

We scan and provide you a digital copy of the files on external drives/ memory stick.

How does it work

When you send us the documents, we will digitise them and provide it to you on external drives, the records can then be searched and retrieved.

Following your approval, we shred and dispose the records free of charge.

What is the cost

Up to 2000 pages – 5 pence per page

2000-10000 pages – 4 pence per page

More than 10000 pages – 3 pence per page

We provide a reliable service at a very competitive price. It saves you time searching for files and saves you the recurring cost of physical file storage.

We have satisfied customers so, why not try us today!

Our innovative Archiving Technology saves storage space in your office and homes, helps in quick retrieval of documents or records and ensures data is available to be accessed easily on demand. The multi attribute search gives flexibility to trace the records quickly.